Past teacher programs

Our past teacher programs have focused on curriculum strands, specific exhibitions, object based learning and museum resources.

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Discover more - Mummy: Secrets of the Tomb

April 2012

Our sell out Teacher Preview of Mummy: Secrets of the Tomb was held on Tuesday 24 April 2012. 110 teachers from both primary and secondary schools attended the evening. Upon arrival, teachers were greeted with light refreshements and received their teacher kit. This was followed by a presentation that covered the themes and artefacts within the exhibition, the importance of the ancient Egytian civilization and relevance to today, and resources for teachers. Teachers then donned their 3D glasses and began their journey into ancient Egypt, virtually unwrapping the mummy Nesperennub. Whilst exploring the more than 100 objects in the exhibition, teachers talked one-on-one with museum staff about the themes in the exhibition, additional stories behind some of the priceless artefacts, how to book tickets and what to do when coming for their school visit. Education and Cultures & Histories staff were on hand to speak with teachers.


Discover more - Whodunit?

February 2012

Teachers from 17 south-east Queensland schools attended Discover more - Whodunit? teacher program on 21 February 2012. This teacher program previewed the Whodunit? forensic science exhibition which supports teaching in Science Understanding, Science as a Human Endevour and Science Inquiry Skills.  This interactive exhibition explores scientific methods used to solve crimes and engages students in making predictions, testing ideas, recording observations, comparing results and communicating findings. Teachers had a relaxed opportunity to explore the exhibition, view relevant resources, get ideas for classroom activities and speak one-on-one with Museum learning staff about their specific needs. All teachers received a Teacher Resource Kit and refreshments were provided at the start of the program.

Whodunit? teacher program










Discover more – Megawatt

March 2011

Over 50 teachers booked into Discover more – Megawatt teacher program on 1 March 2011. This teacher program previewed the Megawatt exhibition which supports the teaching of Energy and Change, Science as a Human Endeavour and Natural and Processed Materials. The Megawatt exhibition explores the role of electricity in our everyday lives. During this teacher program, teachers explored electricity concepts, got hands-on with practical activities for the classroom, had an opportunity to view and play with the Megawatt interactive exhibits and received a teacher bag with resource ideas and materials. Refreshments were provided at the start of the program, enabling teachers to refresh before the program and have an opportunity to meet and catch up with colleagues and museum staff.
Megawatt teacher program Megawatt teacher program








Discover more – Energy and Change

August 2010

Queensland Museum South Bank has engaging exhibitions, programs and resources that can support the teaching of Energy and Change in your classroom. This teacher program provided a relaxed opportunity for teachers to explore these exhibitions and resources, speak one-on-one with Education Qld and Museum education staff about specific needs and find out more about accessing these resources.

Teachers were provided with print resources, suggested activities and web links. Feature exhibitions included ENERGEX Playasaurus Place and Imagination Factory: Invent and Play (temporary exhibition in the Sciencentre). Resources included Science in a Box, a resource kit from Queensland Museum Loans and downloadable learning resources Sustainable Futures and Energy Usage: Past, Present and Future from ENERGEX Playasaurus Place and Science Challenges from Imagination Factory: Invent and Play.

Discover more – Energy and Change coincided with Queensland Museum South Bank’s celebration of National Science Week.

 Energy and Change teacher program
Energy and Change teacher program

Museum interactive and object-based learning

May 2009

Museums and Sciencentres are synonymous with hands-on and object-based learning. Interactive learning fosters students’ curiosity, enthusiasm and investigation, all within a real-world context.

This workshop focused on the value of object-based learning and showcased the varied Museum and Sciencentre resources that exist for teachers and students. The workshop included free entry to the Sciencentre.

This workshop was particularly relevant to Queensland and Northern NSW teachers who would be accessing our state wide resources, however participating teachers came from as far away as Perth and Melbourne, with a particular interest in our on-line resources.

People looking at a computer screen
Wild Backyards online resource 
showcased for teachers.

Water: Learn it for life! Teacher Workshop

23 October 2008

Several teachers attended this special workshop which previewed the seven classroom units that have been produced for the new and very popular state-wide Water: Learn it for life! program.

The Water: Learn it for life! program promotes Waterwise principles to teachers, students and their families. The units provide an integrated approach across Prep - Year 7 for implementing SOSE, Science, English, Technology and The Arts Essential Learnings in the curriculum. These units include assessment ideas based on the new QCAR framework.

Teachers received a copy of the classroom resource for their year level and a CD-ROM of the full primary resource.

The teacher workshop was presented by Bevan Smith, Senior Project Officer - Waterwise Queensland and Allan Morrison, Project Officer - Queensland Museum.

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Dandiiri Maiwar Teacher Preview Night

19 February 2008

Over 40 teachers attended a special Dandiiri Maiwar Preview.

Teachers explored and engaged with the centre, gained an understanding of key messages and became aware of the range of resources available for teachers and students.

The evening was a huge success with teachers having the time to share ideas, reflect on how they could utilise the centre and identify links to curriculum.

The informal evening included light refreshments which were sponsored by the Dare to Lead project - making a difference for our indigenous students. Dare to Lead resources were also on display.

Sciencentre Teacher Preview Night

26 February 2008

25 teachers from around the South East attended a special Sciencentre Preview aimed at helping teachers and students get the most out of their visit.

The preview helped teachers gain an understanding of the key messages and concepts of the Sciencentre. It also highlighted how teachers can maximise student enjoyment in the Sciencentre and how students can explore, explain and engage with science.

The evening was very successful as it provided teachers with the opportunity to meet other teachers and share ideas and programs.