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Mammal mix up

Northern Brown Bandicoot

Was the furry brown animal I saw in Brisbane Botanical Gardens a bandicoot?

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  • Are you batty about bats?

    January 2014

    Recently we have had a few batty questions. Are bats dangerous?

  • What are these tentacled slug-like animals?

    February 2014

    The photo attached was taken in Lamington NP of a Blue crayfish. When I examined the picture and the crayfish closely I could see little slug like creatures on its back!

    My question is, are the parasites? Babies? Or something else?

  • A hole in one is a rare event when identifying holes!

    December 2013

    I live next to a Bushland Reserve in Oxley.  I frequently find holes in the ground like the ones in the photograph. Can you please tell me what makes these holes that are about 10 mm in diameter?

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