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Queensland Museum does not currently have a Maritime Archaeologist on staff and so are unable to respond to enquiries or facilitate research access at this time. Other institutions with Maritime Archaeology programs and staff that may be able to help include:

Please continue to check our website for any updates.

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What is this turtle and what is it doing?

The nesting behavior of Broad-shelled Turtles

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  • Can a tree have fish-like scales?

    April 2016

    My son and I were camping and he found this in the creek (near Bretti, NSW). It looks like fish scales.

  • Is my ‘lead’ pencil toxic?

    March 2016

    I have some antique pencils and lead holders. Is the lead inside them dangerous?

  • Stick-like aquatic predator

    February 2016

    We found this little guy in our swimming pool and were wondering if you could identify it? Our creeks have no water at the moment so where does it usually live? Is it even a water animal?

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