Insect collections

Field-collected beetles drying, ready to be labelled and added to the insect collection.The entomology collection contains:

  • over 1,600,000 specimens;
  • covers all taxonomic groups and all habitats throughout Queensland and adjacent regions;
  • most comprehensive collections from all major tracts of rainforest, and a database of 60,000 specimen records from 750 sites within these rainforests;
  • internationally recognised collections of Australian parasitic wasps (Microhymenoptera); dung beetles (Scarabaeidae); ground beetles (Carabidae); ants (Formicidae); 'sucking bugs' (Aradidae); and New Caledonian insects;
  • current collection and research strategies include the taxonomy, ecology, and biology of Scarabaeinae, Carabidae, Chalcidoidea, Formicidae, and several families of Diptera (flies); distribution patterns of rainforest insects, in particular using pivotal collections of particular insect groups as indicators of ecosystem health;
  • about 150,000 specimens, including more than 21,600 type specimens, are databased. This represents over 9% of the collection, being amongst the highest proportion of entomology collections databased in Australia.

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